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Talented and Precise!

“I own an Interior Design studio in Summit County Colorado. Craig and his crew have worked on many of our homes over the past ten years. I am proud to be a colleague whenever he is awarded a project. This group of artists are not only extremely talented, they are very detailed in there work which as anyone can imagine, is very difficult when hand forging iron. Although I believe in artistic creation, I am also a believer in knowing exactly what the client is getting which is why I appreciate their ability to produce beautiful drawings before they produce the product. I love their professionalism but also their passion for the craftsmanship in their field. I find it extremely rare to find a group that is this talented, precise, and just downright fun to work with. They have been great problem solvers as well especially when budget is first and foremost. I have seen them be creative without compromising quality. We have grown to trust them with anything involving iron and steel. I would recommend Craig at Dragon Forge for anyone wanting beautiful quality work, years of experience, and most of all, dedicated folks who sincerely care about the project and the client.”
Nov 17, 2016  | 
by Markel Design Group

Wonderful Experience!

I have had the pleasure of working with Dragon Forge on two homes. Both experiences have been wonderful. Craig and Rory are very gifted artists. Each design is original and the intricacy they achieve with their work is amazing.

We have had fireplace screens and railings designed and installed by them and each piece is a work of art that can stand alone. Visitors to our home are amazed at the detailing of the railing and the colors that were achieved with the differing Aspen leaves.

I can truly say these men are dedicated to creating a unique piece in keeping with the character of the home and will pull out all stops to achieve perfection. A pleasure to know these men and blessed to have had them work on our home.
Feb 24, 2015  | 
by E.C.


The work from this shop is amazing. Craig truly can make anything and it’s amazing to watch. His classes offered are also extremely good.”
Feb 23, 2022  | 
by James Williams

Beautiful Work

“Craig and Rory are great guys who do beautiful work. They work hard, know what they’re doing, and it shows! They’re also great teachers if you want to take any of their classes!”
Mar 31, 2019  | 
by Jonathan Ender

Amazing Quality

“Took Roy’s intro to Blacksmithing class, had a blast, learned a ton, and saw some amazing quality in the work they do in their shop.”
Feb 12, 2019  |  by Brian Benham