Dragon Forge LTD is postponing all classes/workshops due to the current health concerns of the Covid Virus.

We plan to continue our educational schedule in the Spring of 2021.

Blacksmithing Classes

Want to see try your hand at custom forged ironwork? Join Craig May from Dragon Forge Ltd. at one of his classes in Pine, Colorado on becoming a Blacksmith.

*Deposit required for reservation.

Just the Basics”

Level One Forging Overview

Cost: $550.00/participant for 3-day class

  • April 17-19th 2020: Dinner Triangle with hanger and clapper

  • June 12-14th 2020: Camp fire crane and poker

  • July 17-19th 2020: Forge Tools rake and poker

Each 3 day, 21 hour block of instruction, will focus on controlled hand forging and fitting at the anvil and vise. Using both coal and propane forges with extra instruction on the use of an oxygen / acetylene torch.

Skills developed in these classes will be:

  • Forged Tapers

  • Bending and twisting material

  • Hand turning an eye hook and scroll

  • Team Striking

  • Forge Welding

This basic skill set will be utilized in the class schedule below to forge the items listed.

Classes will be limited to 6 participants to ensure time for and attention to personal coaching during the class. Minimum of 3participants to hold a class.

Registration will be complete once the deposit of $150.00 is received and all paper work is completed and signed.




August 21-25th 2020:

Spare Tire Power Hammer Build


Details to be posted.

September 25-27th 2020:

Power Hammer 101 Introduction to Flat Die Forging.

Cost: $600.00 Maximum of 6 participants. Minimum of 4 participants to hold workshop.


In this workshop participants will “Make a tool to make the next tool” and ultimately make a tong blank using the tools produced in the class. Participants will learn the “Turn hit / Turn hit” process for stock reduction and tapering. Tool Dressing and heat treating will also be covered.

Tools to be produced:

  • ¾” round fuller

  • ¾” half round bottom swage

  • Swage flatter/fuller

  • ½” X 1” step tool

  • Radiused step block

  • Side set hot cut

  • Tong tool


Industry Leaders

At Dragon Forged Ltd. you’re working with well-known industry leaders who are featured on popular networks like CNN, Houzz and Mike Rowe’s show “Somebody’s Got To Do It.” Trust the experts when it comes to learning how to become a Blacksmith in Pine, Colorado. 

Start a Blacksmithing Class

Ready to start your class? Dragon Forge Ltd. is ready for your call! Craig is looking forward to teaching you the basics of the Blacksmith trade and showing you hands-on techniques of the field.