@barter_rick has asked a question in regards of design and layout. Typically our design work is between us and the client. All drawings are approved of prior to building. Being that we don't rely on computers at the shop, we draw everything out to scale by hand. I have to use tools that Craig can also use, read and interpret incase there are any questions. That being said the full size layout is pretty easy once all the prep work has been done. The shared collage of pics is a current firedoor I will be building. Shown is also a compass we made for drawing out a large radius/circle. I have a flat stand with a center punch laid out and using a straight edge it pull my measurement for the radius. Small things in this situation that I am looking for is: did I not only hit the top mark but also the intersection of the radius on the sides? If I hit all three, I'm confident I can move forward and fill in the doors and details. The side measure ya are determined by the size of the firebox I am fitting to. Once again if you are still reading this you are truly awesome. Tell me your favorite song if you like

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