The question was asked "why not an upset corner instead of the tenon." Well there a couple of reasons. 1) I am typically handed a drawing and a deadline so time is always a concern in a production shop. Also this is 1 of 2 handle details that will lock the gate. It's final shape and assembly was changed three times and early on I knew I needed an "out" if I needed to make some more changes but still stay on track on time. So making the handle separate I know at any time all I had to do was forge a tenon on the end. 2) the amount of material I needed for the fish tail scroll was more than the 3/8×5/8 flat bar could produce and I did not have the time to upset it to 3/4" sq. So I forged the leg out of 1/2×1 which gave me a 5/8 sq on the end that was the same dimension of the handle that was forge out of 3/4" square. Also had to forge a mount on the bottom for where the springy action will take place. There might have been three other ways to do it and if I had time on my side I could have spent longer attempting to achieve the same thing out of one bar, which I did not have that luxury, especially when the design has the option to change at any given moment. And If you are still reading….thanks! Sorry it's a bit long post. #blacksmith #handmade #blacksmithproblems

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