Thanks again for everyone who follows, gives feedback, bought some dirty shirts and the side projects I have got from here. A large part of my social media feed is to inform and share modern blacksmithing from an established shop that IMO does some fuckin nice stuff. There is a low rumor that the craft is dead or soon to be and to that I say that the modern "Titans" –with the exception of a few– of the craft are not up to speed of how information is displayed and processed. It's really up to the new generation now to constantly put it out there that people still use their hands, that there is a place and demand for such talents and to be a source of information to demonstrate and share what they do and how it's done. Because some old guy can't get past how things were done 50 yrs ago doesn't mean we can't still make an impression on the world.

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD