While I'm tearing this apart I can share IMO what was wrong with this forge. I did not make it and as these little "gifts" occurred I can share what not to do. First off this forge's roof was out of two piece of insulations. So as this guy expanded and contracted it started a crack down the middle. I tried to hold off the known maintenance coming by using heavy duty screws with a washer and tied it back to the second layer behind it. That worked well for about a month. Secondly the door had metal inside of it as well as metal on the perimeter if the opening rather than having insulation touch insulation. You can see how the metal deteriorated and actually curled into the forge. So a solid top and correcting the bad engineering on the opening/door I should be gold. And of you are still reading this you are truly awsome! Btw I ordered the support handmade stickers. But that's between you and me