I get asked how I got into the blacksmithing. My mom had an office job and I didn't like babysitters so I hung out with dad at the shop a lot. The pic is the hammer I used when I was 7. Anyways I was in and out if the shop as I grew up. At the age of 15 a friend and my self "found" a dump truck and took it for a joy ride and in the process we ran over the owner's shed. After getting busted I spent the next two years working off the debit dad paid to cover the shed. I didn't realize that this was really the beginning of it. I went to college for media arts and after a year of looking for a job Craig offered me a partnership. So not only working full time and doing dirtysmith stuff I also do all the photography and advertising needs for dragonforgeltd. I do par take in art shows when I can and small side gigs. Btw I remember that hammer being huge (1 1/2 lb) #blacksmith

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD