Started the day with a moment of motivation for the young gentlemen participating in the class we are leading here at #dragonforgeltd. “Gentleman! As you enter the world, you will find that there are times to stand your ground, draw boundaries with others and be aggressive. Today [dramatic pause] is one of those days. You have prepared all week for this day. We are forging metal with hammers, fire and anvils. Today you enter as boys, but will leave as men! So get it hot and hit it hard!” Some laughed, some sighed as they rolled their eyes. This week’s class of teens is going well. There is still some hesitation to be aggressive with #forging. Be it grabbing material with the tongs, clamping with the vise or simply striking metal. Never the less after the motivational speech, they picked up their tools and got busy. Some tired from the week as they have been forging and learning, others have that fire as they are eager to get started. Great day for everyone. Tomorrow we play. Contests with team striking and dollar store awards await their return. #blacksmith #dirtysmith

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD