During the VIB workshop, the topic of “work” came up a lot. Which was great as we discussed the challenges of running a metal working business. This morning I was reflecting on some of the talks, and the bottom line was: It’s work. Get busy. My mantra. Some don’t like hearing it as this is much more than just the action of working or looking busy. What I do for a living is not common, and it is something I take seriously. #forging and #building are satisfying on a personal level, and I seek out those challenges clients arrive with. The side projects and experiments are fun, but custom work has serious factors built into it. It’s more than an audience cheering you on. It’s you and them. That’s it. Your decisions, work, experience and reputation is all they care about. Done correctly you can get their trust. A delicate thing easily bruised. If you lose that, you lose them. And you ask yourself, “Can you deliver?” They have an idea. Be it a #railing #Chandelier #fireplacedoor , an odd thing for an odd purpose or whatever it may be. I want to build it. I want the make something I’ve never made before. A cup that never seems to ever be completely full. With each project that cup gets a little bigger. As each challenge comes through, I have the discussion in my head, “is this too much? Can I do this?” Turn off the distractions, plan your schedule and #getbusy. Hit those deadlines you give yourself. Turn off the gremlin that whispers in our ear that you can’t do it. Ignore the trolls both in our selves and those that linger just out of striking distance. Let the work speak for its self. If there’s room to grow, then grow. If you need to practice, then practice. But at some point you have to start. At some moment you must …get busy. 🏼 Hard work does pays off, you just have to do the time. Have questions? post em. I’ll pick through them and if there’s enough I’ll make a video about it. #dirtysmith #workhardstayhumble #maker #builder

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