What a trip this has been! Three years of making video content to help, inform, assist and various attempts to be part of this online community for #makers, #blacksmithing and #metalworking. All the meanwhile producing custom #ironwork for #dragonforgeltd as my full time career. There were a couple of instances this year where the name “Dirty Smith” was getting challenged and threatened to be taken. In response I officially registered as a trademark. What started out as a “I have a free weekend…let’s make a video” to something that has some legit value. Thank you to those who have been there from the beginning in 2012, reaching out in hard times, the feed back and most of all the support. 2018 schedule is about full as there a couple of workshops I’ve been asked to lead, classes and projects at Dragonforgeltd and as always plans for next year’s video content. Craig is staring at me right now so I’m going to get back to work! Thanks again and keep it dirty! #dirtysmith 🏼

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD