Pouring a cup of #coffee and reflecting on the recent long weeks as they were an effort to complete a large build in a small amount of time for this four sided 8’x8’x26.25” steel #mantle. Estimated 528 forged knuckles, holes, plug welds, various custom jigs/tools, a couple gallons of scale and I have yet to run the hours. Although as installs go, it went well. I blend in well on construction sites as my beard, hat, worn out shoes, rehearsed Spanish lines, 20+ years of working alongside Dad, and job site etiquette conceal what I’m there to do. My age, on such a site, typically deal with sweeping or hauling rocks around. A common situation I find myself in as friends of the owners lean in quietly to ask who really did the work, where did we buy it or to be given the look of annoyance from a building crew because I’m trying to find a decent 110v outlet. Frustrating. This weekend was different. This has been the first job site that I found myself being complimented from the general laborers, cleaning crew, rock masons, the owners rep, etc. about the #ironwork once it was installed. Maybe it was so large that it could not be ignored? Maybe it was the 35 hr install they saw me balancing on a ladder working on it? Nevertheless I was surprised and welcomed the genuine fist bumps from strangers. A nice way to leave the site and feel the emotional weight of such a project lifted. I’ve been asked to keep the interior of the home private. Attached is a progress pic of the mantle until I receive further permission. Taking this week off to give my body/mind a break. 🏻 #dragonforgeltd #dirtysmith #interiordesigns #fireplace #metalart #rusticiron #cantfeelmyhands

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