#tbt ! I was 23 yrs old and we walked into this house to discuss a #railing. The roof was on, the walls were in and the house was at a good start. Craig asked the general contractor some questions prior to the meeting. One of which was "what's the budget? The GC trumpeted back "There is no budget!" My father laughed quietly and told me that there is always a budget. Soon enough we found out what the details were, did our song and dance with portfolio pics, samples, any discussion of possible problems… as well as the budget. At that point Craig hands me a tape measure, pencil and paper. "Here you go!" This was my first project that was completely just me. 85' of riveted #rail complete with #aspen #tree posts, open treads, balcony and large tree posts to wrap grip rail around. I don't have the words of how it felt when that upper run of rail simply popped into place when we came to install. Great client, great job. A lot of hard work. #blacksmith #metalart #interiordesigns #dragonforgeltd #dirtysmith #familybusiness #metalwork

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD