21 days until #Halloween! I'll be posting the rules for the #zombie weapon challenge tonight! A little blurb about this piece: #sundials are really interesting in that they are made to measure and reference time using the sun. The #sun is obviously huge in many cultures and incorporates a practice of the #Creation, #Life, #Death and #Rebirth of the sun that break up our days. Going further with this I attempted to create a connection between the sun dial and this #coyote skull. This sundial is a tool used for referencing time, but the fatal end is always staring back at us emotionless and unmoved by time. This piece has forged details that started out as either square bar, round bar and/or flat bar. There are two welds in total as I try to do as much traditional joinery as possible. The Coyote Skull actually balances on the piece of metal that goes inside of it. This was tricky but was satisfied with the outcome. I liked that I did not need to “mount” the skull with adhesives or any other substitutes. This also leave it open to hang other items from it, rather than the skull. You can see more at isolatedreality.com #blacksmith #artistsofinstagram #dirtysmith #artforsale #metalart #handmade #maker

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