A huge thank you to all the 14k #YouTube subscribers, 28.2k Instagram followers, 8k FB members, tumblr, Twitter, and the best Patreons I could ask for. So much love and support. Great conversations, discussions, and jokes. As a thank you here is a #dirtysmith #forgingfridays fun as we wrap up our summers. How to #forge a burger using a #powerhammer. You will see me forge the paddies, cut vegetables under the hammer and cook everything on a 3/8x8x20 hot plate this #labordayweekend. Again thank you for all the support, feedback and patronage. I had no idea something like this could go in a direction like this. Be safe, enjoy the show and keep it dirty 🏼 Direct Link in the bio. #blacksmith #food #metalart #diy #maker

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