#handmade vs #technology a topic I am constantly flip flopping about. Is there a line? We have a variety of tools be it welders, power hammers, gas and coal forges, air compressors, pneumatic air hammers, plasma cutters, oxy/ace setups. Even a laser cutter guy down the street. Does it matter anymore? Maybe we just make what we conceive and not talk about how we got there? It's not so much the technique now as there are 10 ways to do the same thing? Some makers seem that way. If they didn't have that cnc they couldn't do what they do. I could say the same about myself using the power hammers and welders I use for the architectural work we do. Then there is the approach that we have a business to run and the more efficient the better. I'm not sure there is a clear answer… #thoughtswhileworking #dirtysmith #toolporn

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