I tend to have discussions with myself while working. When I was making this #aspen tree bed, the concept of sleeping, resting, dreaming and the culture of where we lie down, the #bed, was on my mind. I'm also a huge fan and have a very large interest in dreams. That we have this alter ego in us that knows everything we do, think, plan and feel. It so badly wants to talk to us but we don't speak the same language. So it uses images, memories, create circumstances for us to play out with no consequences, both good and bad, for our actions. To share that it knows and wants to help. What if we did this? That? What if you could fly? Maybe if I showed you falling off a bridge into a large body of water let's see how you do/feel because it feels like the situation you are in right now. All of it happens in a small place and some do this in an alter of sorts; which is the beauty of #furniture. A place you can stop, rest and let it hold you at your most vulnerable while you are figuring this life's moment. Going to the bathroom would be another situation of being vulnerable and thinking but I'll stop here. I've been rambling on… #blacksmith #DragonForgeLTD #dirtysmith #thoughtswhileiwork #handmade #itwasntcheap

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD