From #fireplaces to #lightfixtures, all week I've been looking over work that we have done in this house. Naturally, being my own worst critic, I tell myself "should have done this…that…next time…" 830pm we started breaking down tools, cleaning up our work areas, meanwhile I had been taking studio pics through out the afternoon into the evening while I visited with each project and did a final once over, lit the scene and took their picture. We did not get out of the house until 11 pm. Upon the final tool being loaded up we always do one last walk through just to make sure we have everything and, in this case, to turn the house off. I came around the corner and "the brothers", as we have referred them for the past two years, we're hanging there. The house just gleamed. I'm always proud of the work we do, yet standing there everything came together. The saying "Don’t cling to a #mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it" was said silently by my critical self. How appropriate. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture. How everything came together. That it wasn't so much this moment to enjoy, and yes it's tacky, but the journey taken to be here. There are so many #craftsmen that are part of this project. Proud #DragonForgeLTD was one of them. Good night. #blacksmith #blacksmithing #handmade #dirtysmith #interiordesign #rusticelegance

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD