I drive through a 30 mile canyon to and from work. It's always a beautiful drive and it snowed again last night. This is the one year anniversary of having a grand mal seizure that changed my life. I was on my way home from volunteering at the local high school doing mock interviews for soon to be graduates. On the way home I felt the seizure coming. About that fast I found myself pulled over a mile from last I could recall with a fireman sitting next to me in my truck asking me what year was it. I was certain it was 2013. 4 hours and $20k later I was released from the hospital and diagnosed with "presumed #epilepsy." The next three months I was in a bad place. It's one thing to hear about a "dark place" that's depressing and fueled by a low burning anger. It's another going through it. I've never felt, nor thought it was in me. I went back to work a week later unable to think abstractly or even read a tape measure. There was much support from followers that I really appreciated. There was also some of the most hateful remarks, emails and messages I've received as well. Talk about kicking someone while they are down. I was so surprised by the ugliness. Hard punch to take in a virtual land where cowards can hide behind keyboards. So I got up, accepted what needs to happen and I changed everything and rebuilt myself from the core. Stopped chasing people for their acceptance, quit attempting to impress my idols, as they never cared, and just focused on those in my family that mattered, my wife, friends and reestablished my goal if I'm to continue to forge. If I happen to die from this, I left something behind that will hopefully help others on their way learning about #blacksmithing. A year ago I was a different person than today. A year ago I was just a smith, but today I am that smith. Just a note that a day doesn't go by I don't think about it, think about the support and even continued support today. Thank you. Enjoy the view from where ever you are. It could change that quickly. #dirtysmith

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD