Chunk of S7 #toolsteel for a bottom die of the #powerhammer . Need to cut 1" off the bottom so it holds the tool cradle. Notes say to hold it at 1700f for 20min plus 5min/inch of length. Oil quench due to its size being larger than 2.5". Being a bottom die I'll go on the caution of "softer" and will be keeping this in mind. I don't want to harden it to the point that it cracks that could bust off and hurt someone. #heatTreating is very controversial and I've found there are popular feeds that demonstrate bad theory. Not all steels follow the same routine and even this situation my approach is different because of size and what it will be used for. As a #blacksmith in a producing shop it's my job to research and do this correctly as someone could get hurt if this is done incorrectly. Personally I research various resources (online tool steel producers and literature) complemented with my experience, I then make a plan. The last step it to go over it with Craig and triple check that my approach is appropriate. And hell…its 15lbs of tool steel that I really don't want to screw up. There's more to this as far as annealing, stress relieving, welding it to a plate, tempering, etc. #blacksmithproblems #DragonForgeltd #DirtySmith #toolporn #Lego

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