I was reading a conversation about the #millennials generation and a perspective that "they" don't know how to #work , don't want to work or lack the ability to work. Found out I'm in that generation (born 82.) Thinking about all the work going into #DragonForgeltd and #dirtysmith , staying late to hit deadlines and the constant push to not only work but do it right. Personally I've never put someone in a category and judged them by their label of generation. It's always been about #character and #integrity . I have worked with plenty of lazy, frustrated, even lost, #babyboomers but let their actions do the talking. I don't have any conclusion other than let me show you who I am before any assumptions are made. You might be surprised. #blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtythoughts #Probablygoingtooffendsomeone

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