Question was asked: Dirty Smith,So What's your suggestion on starting places to really promote your work? Making some really nice stuff but having trouble finding the places to display it for sale. I know the market is out there for it but where do you start? Meaning beyond the local flea market and such for example.- DougMan what a tough question and it spawns a lot of reaction, advice, and stories as everyone has their own song. My suggestion(s) in the most condensed perception in anything I approach when I'm selling something:What are we selling?Who wants it?Where are they at?And most importantly… how much can I get for this? Do you have anything to help and contribute how you sell your work/services? Do you participate in galleries, local events, restaurants, etsy, etc? Bad stories or situations? Do you make things and then try to sell or just try to get custom work? Are you good enough that you just leave a bucket outside your door and someone puts money in it every Tuesday? I hope everyone is successful in their business be it a profession or a hobby. IMO there is plenty of pie for everyone, its just finding where our slice is can be a challenge. Sometimes it is closer/farther than we expect. #dirtysmith #blacksmith #blacksmithing #gladiator

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