Question was submitted: "Dirty Smith…why are you tapping your anvil when you are forging." What looks like "tapping" is a short moment when I stop #forging and place my hammer to the side of the material. My #anvil has some rebound to it and that energy from my hammer is thrown back into it causing it to be thrown backwards. Then gravity pulls it back down and again is repeated. To demonstrate this here is a video. Some perceive the rebound on an anvil is important but for the past 20 years I haven't met an anvil and thought it sucks because of a lack of rebound. Again we are forging hot material and that energy goes into it. Thus the harder you hit, the faster it moves. Is rebound important in an anvil? IMO no but some old farts would have a dance off with me to debate it is. Each to their own. Clean edges and a flat face are what I look for. Doing a #forginfridays tutorial this week on how to start and manage a #coal forge. Have questions then ask me! I'm listening. #blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtysmith #QandA #ThisPostisProbablyGoingToOffendSomeone

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