A comment was made on a video of mine "why would anyone go to these measures to make something by hand? This is why we have 3D printers." I hope #handmade never loses its place, value or appreciation. Over looking what a person can create and devalue it because technology is developing its own technique that replicates a small portion of what "we" can do. A little concerned that the perception might get lost but I also think it's important to keep this content out there and continued to be shared. There are people who enjoy working with their hands, that can #create and #build That some soul, piece of them, is in everything they touch. Hopefully the generation(s) coming up don't get lost in a predetermined mind set. Maybe some will find their purpose and that might mean it's a hammer in their hand. In my case it's a chisel this morning. #dirtysmith #coffeetalk #supporthandmade #wood

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