1.75"x.75" rectangle hole through 2.5"x.75" the "long" way. Took me three tries. First try with no upsetting left 3/8" of an inch in the sides. The material moved way to fast and thinned out. Upset it 1/2" second try. It was better but not right. Third time I upset it a complete 3/4" (same thickness of the drift) and bammo. There are some other subtleties to it that we might go over in a #forgingfridays All the tools I used are shown, including the 12 lb #sledge But first I need to make a tool… brb #blacksmith #blacksmithing #DragonForgeLTD #dirtysmith #forging #12lbSledgeForScale

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD