So my "heavy duty" caster died on my layout table. We did not have a replacement but we did have two matching casters that also matched the other side of my table. I thought this was handy and convenient. Upon dismantling and installing the new wheels, my layout table was an 1" out of level. What!?! The guy who made the table 15 years ago made the legs to fit the casters… So one side had legs longer than the other side. Greeeeat. Spent most of the day rebuilding two legs so now the table is level, legs are the same length and matching casters. Gah. Anyways, I also want to give back. I'm not a fan of #blackfriday and don't like how much is pumped into the shopping for holidays. Although I would live to help other small businesses spread their word. So instead of sharing the old meme of "supporting small business and artists" I thought I'd share actual businesses in a post for Friday. If you want to get mentioned, let me know. I'll pick four and help you as a thank you for helping me. Let me know in the comments. Be safe and have a great night. #dirtysmith

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