So there is some "confusion" on what I am/do. Blacksmith to the bone and grew up working along side my father, Craig. Most work you see is through the studio #dragonforgeltd Sometimes I do side work and you will see that on Then we have the essence of #dirtysmith Where I have designed #smithing swag. Also as a thank you I have been doing free #blacksmithing tutorials for the past year which all of that can be found on I wear a lot of different hats and have a variety of skills and use everything I have to produce for a wide audience. This account is not just about selling swag but has a history of informing, entertaining and feedback. So don't write me off as "oh one of those marketing profiles" I've been making noise about preorders as I'm a small operation. I hate getting emails that someone didn't know and couldn't order. I have all the best intentions to share and inform as many as I can about the craft. There are a lot of armchair smiths with strong opinions and I attempt to not only talk the talk but walk it. #blacksmith #blacksmithing #walkthewalk #forging #powerhammer #twist #hot

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD