1.25" solid bar with a 1×1.5" hole in it. Although we need a slightly larger hole, I have to demonstrate to the boss that I can do the proposed challenge. I had a decent idea how much to upset prior to slitting and gave is a swing with slightly smaller tooling, before I spend the time making correct tooling. We get in technique debates about a process, mostly because of quality and time of the project. Get too rushed in a job and it can be sloppy. Go too slow and you will run out of time for the deadline. An over looked topic is that these "jobs" revolve around the client(s.) Agreements are made, contracts are signed and money is exchanged. As a person being hired for the service you provide, you have to do what you will say you can. By showing that I can use the tools in an efficient manner not only gets the job done, but confidence with everyone involved. It's complicated, it's hard, sometimes it sucks; but if you keep your approach clean and simple you will develop a good reputation that will proceed you. Unfortunately it's not so much "I make want I want to and get it done when I want." A lovely place to be if you can, but not always the cards we are dealt. And if you are still reading this, tell me your favorite color. Right now I'm enjoying #blue #blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtysmith #dragonforgeltd #slitAndDrift

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD