What a weekend! Had a blast, met a ton of people, drank enough Guinness for a family of six and as my first out of state demonstration for a different group of excellent people, I had a great time. Thank you @teatimedesignz for being with me and sharing this experience. @barter_rick for striking and being my 140lb #powerhouse of a striker. Special shout out to Kevin for hosting the event and huge thank you to @jessesavageblacksmith and @carriesavagevt for their hospitality, great conversations and insight about the conference. Jesse's father Ron for letting us stay at his place and everyone shuttling us around. I was able to meet a lot of folks who follow me and #dragonforgeltd Thank you all for the handshakes, questions and as always the support. I'll be blogging about this experience later this week. Keep it dirty 😎 (photo credits @teatimedesignz @carriesavagevt @jessesavageblacksmith ) #dirtysmith #NewEnglandBlacksmith #btv

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD