Bought some #atlantic33 #toolsteel and was reading some recommending it for hot work. I had originally bought it for some hammers but wanted to test it. I made a 3/8" slit and matching square drift. Put it through 5/8 solid bar. The slitter started moving when it got orange, as it didn't take much being 3/8" wide. Some were comparing it to h-13 which IMO h-13 out performs this for hot working tool. The a33 drift did fine. If I only had a33 tool steel, I'd probably make three slitters and rotate through them. I do have some h-13 which I'll go ahead and forge the little 3/8" slit. Ill keep the a33 for cold work as it seems more appropriately designed for. #dirtysmith #blacksmith #blacksmithing #toolporn #a33 #h13

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