Question was asked "how do you know when a tool/hammer is worn out? Well you are looking for what could turn into shrapnel upon hitting it. This flatter that came out of a shop that was selling it stuff. It developed cracks leading to the eye. I might try to grind them out and weld it back together. But these run pretty deep and this flatter gets used pretty hard. Knowing the work to fix will be temporary I'll most likely will get a new one soon. Good question. Also good to keep in mind when you are buying stuff off eBay. Does it have cracks? The worked end have material that has "rolled" over the edge, which could lead to cracks if not maintained. Craig has a piece of metal in him from such a thing happening. He said when he hit the tool, it exploded. A moment later he realized he was bleeding. Take a moment to look at equipment. Make sure you take care of them. #blacksmith #dirtysmith

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