Had a question submitted yesterday: "I'd like to ask for some advice on a project. I've been asked to make several forged return air vent covers. Basically 1" square tubing welded into a square as the frame, with forged scrolls, etc welded into the frame. Given that each will require several hours to make the scrolls, hammering tapers out, all if that anvil time we love. How do I price it? I don't want to over price it or undersell myself either." The devil is in the details but how do you price your work? Gut feeling? Depends on the day? Figure how much it takes to just keep your lights on? Or are you retired and just like working and do it on the cheap? Thought it would a good topic as it is a question that comes up quite a bit. Sound off of you like. #blacksmith #dirtysmith #money #bid #PayUpSucka

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