I was 25 years old attending a local conference when my mouth got me in trouble talking back to an older gentleman, who earlier started a debate and he got a little "hot" by the end of it. During the event they had a forging contest, who could forge the largest spoon. My new friend propped himself right center next to my anvil in an attempt to intimidate me. I had it all planned out: I would do a large lap weld and every time I would bring out my material to forge weld it I would throw slag towards his seat. The plan was working great until the piece of metal flipped off the end of my bar and landed right in his lap! He jumped and yelled "you punk! I bet you can't even afford this shirt!" I replied that he was probably right. He left. #Blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtysmith #opps #forge #toolporn #anvilStories

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