Recently was accused of not being a smith since the studio of Dragon Forge LTD uses such equipment as drills, saws and we have welders and if the job calls for it we use it. We will ignore the #forgingfridays tutorials on forging at the anvil as they must have obviously not seen any. So my question to you: what makes a smith a "smith?" I've seen the #blacksmith hash tag used on fabricated horseshoe art, fabricated railing made out of catalogue bought parts, to knives cut out of a saw blade and ground to shape. Is it the equipment we use? The entertainment industry shoving that image of the old man from the 1800s making nails and shoeing horses while he casts a sword out of meteorite that comes out as Damascus pattern welded material and ready for war? Or is it a time period of the craft that needs to be reproduced and we for go modern technology? That said do you even need an anvil or a tool that you use as one? Interested in what you think it means when someone has the self title #blacksmith #blacksmithing #DirtySmith

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD