17 years ago we found a 64 t-bird which we were going to restore and that was going to be my first car. Ended up trading for a 66 which wasn't so much the size of a boat yet still a large car. When I was 15 I took a dump truck for a joy ride, got arrested and had to sell the car to pay the debt for running over a shed with it…good times. We used the trailer to hall the cars around and at the time pops taught me how to pack bearings with grease. So he is leaving for #BeverlyHills soon and is delivering the railing he has been working on. The trailer hasn't had new bearings since. Aaaahhh memories… Doesn't pass my "would I rather be fishing# test… #remindsMeOfMyFirstDate #justKidding #NoReallyWeWereBothSuprised

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