I follow a painter who really is a terrible artist, obnoxious as hell but has a healthy crowd around her. She claims to sell paintings upwards of $30k and has celebs as clients. Now don't get me wrong, I'd be as happy as a pig in shit if I sold a sculpture for $30k let alone a bad pop art painting. Though watching her and her audience has me thinking about perceptions. Do you think you need to sell yourself as successful or let the work do the talking? Yet one person has told me that's just confidence. Seems like a fine line between that and narcissistic. Id rather have the work do the talkin but a brother gots to pay the bills… Since I advocate the demonstration and education of the craft being that a our culture doesn't really reflect on the arts just trends, I want everyone to be able to forge. Speak up if you have an opinion, thoughts…insults #blacksmith #toolporn #dirtysmith #hammer #heller

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