The "rebound test" for #anvils. I remember being 6 hanging out with dad at a conference and these guys would have their #steelballs and dropping them on the face of the anvil to demonstrate the rebound. 26 years later I'm still not sold that its as important as they say. So the concept is if the ball rebounds back that the anvil that it is throwing the energy into the ball and not absorbing the energy; but would this change the concept once we introduce an 1800f piece of hot metal and that the material is absorbing the energy thus the movement thus the ability to #forge? I have never had the thought "oh this anvil's rebound sucks…" I have worked on magnetic anvils and that's annoying as hell. I have seen some people about get knocked out from missing the material and that hammer comes flying back at their face. Have an opinion, thought about it, want to school me? Feel free I'm all ears. #blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtysmith #anvilporn

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