Question was asked: "forging in cold weather? How do you deal with it?" We did a demo outside in Downtown Denver for a German Christmas Festival a few years ago that was from 5pm – 1030pm.  Weather and temperature were a legitimate concern. Our anvils can act like a heat sink, an object that draws heat away, thus making it difficult to forge as the material is cooling at a faster rate.  To help fight this we warm up our anvil.  I have a block of steel that is 5/8” thick and quiet broad.  Heating that up and allowing it to rest on the face of the anvil will warm it up.  In downtown Denver we did this about 4 times before we got started and occasionally through out the night.  The other equipment did fine and so did we…as long as we were moving #blacksmith #blacksmithing #dirtysmith #anvil #toolporn

Colorado Artist Blacksmith - Dragon Forge LTD