One topic that isn't really discussed is the people side of the job. I am approached daily about custom work. "How much for…" Typically the discussion is "just draw up some stuff and I'll pick one." I'll spend hours drawing it up, then they get quiet after I submit the concepts. Sometimes I heard back from them, sometimes I find out my drawings got shopped out, most of the times I just don't hear back. I've had clients love the drawing, I made the item and they never reply back and am now stuck with an unpaid piece with no home. Thus the move for design deposits. It weeds out the serious clients and the not so serious. Our time as #artists and #craftsmen is important at work and designing. If you find someone who isn't willing to give you want you need to support yourself then really think about that contact. Is it worth the time? If they treat you this way early on, how will that translate through the rest of the job. On the other hand bend over backwards to make that person who reached out to you happy as hell. You have one shot with them, make it count. You have any experiences to share? #blacksmith #business101 #dirtysmith #handmade

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