CLIENTS COME TO YOU FOR… Custom-forged ironwork with original designs and composition. Cutting no corners and paying excruciating attention to detail is my standard.

YOUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY IS… To be original in what we do and strive to complement the architecture with which the work will live.

YOUR STYLE IS INFLUENCED BY… Everything from hammer techniques to art, music and history. My experiences are constantly influencing how I work, design and create.

YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT My wife, son and life in general. It should be lived to the fullest!

THE MOST INSPIRING THING YOU’VE SEEN LATELY IS… Rory, my son and partner, at the forge creating a freeform piece without the use of a drawing or sample.

SHARE WITH US ONE OF YOUR GO-TO DESIGN RESOURCES:   My clients are the inspiration for the work I do. My work reflects that; each piece is as unique as each one of them.

WHAT’S NEW ABOUT YOU? I try to approach each day as a new challenge and do the absolute best that I can for that day.


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